The Question: “I bought Invisible thread and when I try to fill the bobbin, it keeps breaking. Any ideas?

Recently Lee Fletcher, received this question from someone she met at Sewing Center OC in Yorba Linda, CA 

The Answer from Lee:  “The great news about invisible thread is that you can’t see it.  It is also the bad news!  It takes patience to work with Polyester core threads including the Metallic and Invisible since they tend to twist and curl easily.  A little bit of tension on the thread helps when threading the bobbin or the machine.


  1. Make sure that you are using Polyester Invisible Thread.  I highly recommend sticking with the Sulky brand.  If you are trying to work with Nylon monofilament or if the thread contains Nylon, throw it out.  Polyester on its own will stretch a bit, but with Nylon mixed in, there is more stretch than the machine can manage.  In addition, Nylon does not bend like Polyester and can damage your machine.  Put the Nylon in your fishing tackle box!
  2. Polyester threads do stretch to a certain degree.  Using them with The Thread Director helps eliminate most of the stretch whether it is Polyester Invisible or spun embroidery threads.
  3. In order to keep the thread from stretching onto the bobbin while winding, set the machine to the slowest speed possible.  This will prevent the thread from heating up and stretching even more.
  4. Only wind the bobbin half way.  If you fill it too full, the thread will pop the ends of the bobbin off.  I actually didn’t believe this and tried it with an old metal bobbin.   Fortunately for me, I was wearing safety glasses!  Don’t try this at home!


I love using Sulky’s Polyester Invisible (disclosure: Lee is a Freelance Educator for Sulky America) thread in the bobbin when using metallic thread.  I also love stippling with Invisible Polyester thread.  It adds texture to your quilts without interrupting the design of the fabric.


Keep the questions coming!