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Like all great inventions, the Thread Director was borne out of necessity. After years frustration and stress using metallic and specialty thread in her projects, Lee Fletcher decided to do something about it. So she invented the Thread Director! The Thread Director solves the problem of twisting and breakage while making it easy and fun to work with specialty threads. Our mission at the Thread Director is to provide you with all of the information you need to create beautiful and interesting projects.

About the inventor

Lee Fletcher is a national educator for Sulky.

Queen Gee

Founder (Queen) of Sewing Sweeties
Certified Instructor for Sulky


  1. Thank you for your call today. It was so exciting to talk to you and I so, so hope you will be teaching a class in Silverdale!!

  2. Can you tell me if your adapter will fit on my Viking Diamond Deluxe or Ruby Deluxe embroidery machines?
    Thank you for your time and assistance.

    • Dear Pat:
      I’m happy to report that The Thread Director will work on both the Viking Diamond Deluxe and the Ruby Deluxe embroidery machines. Below are photos of The Thread Director mounted on the Diamond. It will mount onto your Ruby the exact same way.

      Unfortunately, I have to figure out how to post pictures on this section, but in the meantime we will send you an email that shows you your machine with the Thread Director mounted.

      1- Flip Up your vertical spool pin

      2 -Mount the Thread Director on the pin per package instructions and thread your machine the way you normally would. Don’t forget to lower the tension on your machine and use a topstitch needle, 90/14 for metallic or 100/16 for Ultra Twist (the thread that looks like it is frosted).

  3. I would love to see pictures of the thread director on the viking machines too. I have the diamond royale and topaz 20 and would like this for them.

    • Chris – I have uploaded all of the machines that we have tested the Thread Director on. You can view them under Photo Gallery/Viking. We tested a Topaz 50 and it works. I looked online at a Topaz 20 and they both have a miscellaneous spool pin that can be used. If you take a picture of it mounted on the Topaz 20 and send it to us, we will post it for others to see. Dave

  4. Hi,

    I am wondering if this will work with my 2 machines, both single needles. Brother PE770 and Brother ULT2003d. I am most wanting it for the ULT.
    also, can this be purchased online? There are no dealers less than 200 miles away from me (my zip is 59047).


    • Keri,

      It is my understanding that most Brother machines have a bobbin winder on the top. The Thread Director will mount to the bobbin winder. However, I am trying to find the actual machines to test and then confirm it. As for online sales, if you just Google The Thread Director, there are a few dealers that you can get one from. I will let you know more after I find your machines.

  5. How do I use the Robinson Anton Metallic Thread with The Thread Director ? One end of the spool is bigger than the other, so do I put the narrow end on The Thread Director first ? What kind of thread do I use in the bobbin ?
    Thanks so much

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