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Where can I buy the Thread Director

Go to the dealer locator page, type in your address, then from the miles drop-down menu, choose how many miles from your address you would like the search area to encompass, then click on the Find Locations button and the dealer locator will show all of the dealers that carry the Thread Director within the radius that you choose.

Can you get The Thread Director in England

Although we do not have any retailers in England, you can order it on Amazon US and they will ship it to you.

Where can I get a copy of the instructions that came with The Thread Director?

You can download them from the lonk below.

Thread Director Instructions PDF Download


Will the thread director work on the Brother Dream Machine and/or the Ovation BabyLock serger

Yes, the Thread Director works on both machines. On the Dream Machine, you would mount it on the bobbin winder and on the Ovation, you can mount it on any of the spool pins. I have used it for the upper loopers, lower loopers and the chain/cover stitch.

You can view pictures of the Baby Lock Evolution here: /

You can view pictures of the Dream Machine here:

Just starting to use Thread director on my Designer Diamond and find that it will not stay well on the bobbin winder. When I put it on vertical spool, it tends to be wobbly. Also one of the larger spool adapters will not fit on arm. Opening is smaller than on the other one. Any suggestions?

Without more information, my guess would be that the adapter is inserted too far into the base so there is not enough room for the bobbin winder or the spool pin.

When you mount it on the bobbin winder, remove the adapter from the base and then mount the base. Then insert the adapter and tighten the screw.

When you use the spool pin, remove the adapter from the base, slide the base over the spool pin with the spool pin about halfway into the base and tighten the screw. Then insert the adapter into the base and tighten the screw.

As for the spool cap, occasionally one does not fit. We will be happy to send you a replacement.

Will it fit the larger pin on the Sweet 16 by HandiQuilter?

Yes it will fit on the Sweet 16 by HandiQuilter.

Does the Thread Director work on the Bernina Aurora 440 QE?

Yes the Thread Director works on the Bernina Aurora 440 QE.  You can mount it on the bobbin winder.

Does the Thread Director work on the Berninia 830 & the Berninia 700 series?

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Greetings from Quilters Newsletter magazine! We would like to include The Thread Director as one of our Staff Picks in an upcoming issue. What is the MSRP on the product? Thank you! Mary Kate Karr-Petras Associate Editor Quilters Newsletter

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Hello, I am so excited to try your thread director. I have a Janome 15000. I do not know which one to order as they look the same to me. Could you help me ? Thank You Robbie

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Does the thread director work on a husqvarna Viking SE ? It has two horizontal spool pins and the bobbin winder is on an angle. If not, what is the solution so I can use your product ?

Yes the Thread Director works on the the Viking SE. You can use it on either the bobbin winder or the spool pins.

Will the thread director fit on the Pfaff 7570? I have several older machines that the thread director does not fit over the bobbin winder. Do you have any suggestions?

It should fit on the bobbin winder on this one. For the older machines, do they have a vertical spool pin that you can use? As for the oversized bobbins on your older machines, yours would only be the second instance that we have seen where it will not fit. So, if you send us a picture of the bobbin winders along with the model and the diameter of each bobbin winder, we can possibly enlarge the bottom hole by drilling it out and send you the modified base that will allow it to work. This would be at not charge to you.

Used the Thread Director for my metallic thread from Jnny Haskns. Doesn't twist but the bobbin thread comes up to top when I embroider.

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My business owner, returned with this from a trade show . I like the idea of what you are trying to do. However there is room for improvement, I think is needs to be made of a stronger material, It was given to me to try to see if our shop might purchase them for retail. At present I would not recommend that we purchase this for retail, until design is improved and is made from a more stable material. The idea is great, Maybe if you contacted some sewing machine manufactures you could work together to solve the thread problem at the sewing machine instead of an "add on product".

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Does the Thread Director work on the Bernina 880 machine? Thanks!

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set up to wind bobbin?

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Just purchased the tread director from A Quilters Haven in Palmetto, Fl. Everything good except the two large spool caps won't slide onto the spool holder. The two small caps slide on spool holder with no problem. Any suggestion to get large spool pins to work?

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I just purchased the Thread Director over the weekend at a distant quilt shop. I have mounted it on my machine, but I am unable to get any of the spool caps onto the thread adapter spindle, the spindle is larger than any of the holes on the thread caps and seems to have a ridge of plastic around the end of it.

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I have a quarto 6000d. I used your thread director since I have been working with sulky metallic thread. I changed my needle to 90/14. Not sure what is going on, but none of the designs I have been trying to make came out. The thread was not breaking, but I had to constantly having to rethread my needle. No matter what speed I used the same thing happened over and over. please help

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Aside from the fact that the thread holder seems pretty weak and easily broken, I tried to mount it on the upright spool holder on my Viking machine and unless you put the screws in the side to hold it up, your spool holder cannot be inserted. Not thought out very well! Ok, then I tried to put the spool cap on the spool holder and it won't go on! This is your spool cap made to use on your device and it won't fit? I tried all four caps and none fit. The spool holder seems so fragile, I didn't want to try it. As you can tell, I am very disappointed in your product. I am going to return it to Missouri Star Quilt Company if they will let me and I will tell them I do not recommend it.

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