Kathie’s Kuties – Facebook Sept 2015
“Coolest thing ever! For those of you who sew, you may or may not know that the way thread is spun onto the spool determines how it should come off the spool. Most machines give you no choice. That’s where The Thread director comes in! It allows thread that is meant to come straight off the spool to do so, instead of coming off the end of the spool as most machines require. Love it!”


Christopher Nejman
“Here is a quickie video I did and posted on YouTube.” “I’m blown away”
Janome 9000

I LOVE this.  I have a ton a small size spools and this really works.

This is the greatest notion I have bought one for each machine I use and some for my sewing group for Xmas gifts. It works like a dream and is simple to use. Thanks for making this product it is wonderful, and I love the you tube scarf that Lee made.”

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