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Will the thread director work on a Babylock Ellegante 2?

Yes, the thread director works on almost all machines  You will have no problems with it working on your Babylock Ellegante 2.

Check out our video at and you will see that it works on my Ellisimo.

Does this fit the Husqvarna Diamond Deluxe and Ruby Deluxe machines? I have a tremendous amount of problems using metallic threads in my machines and is very frustrating. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Yes the Thread Director will fit on both the Husqvarna Diamond Deluxe and Ruby Deluxe machines. Attached please find a three page document that has photos on how and where to mount The Thread Director on your Diamond Deluxe.  The information for your Ruby Deluxe is the same.  We are going to post your question and our response on our website so other sewers can see.

Diamond Deluxe Mounting instructions

Hi I am wondering if the thread director will work on a Husqvarna Designer Diamond? Thanks

Yes, The Thread Director works on the Viking Diamond.  On our website, under the Photo Gallery, a drop down list will appear.  Click on Viking Machines and you will see your machine and how it is mounted.

Does the Thread Director work on Janome machines?

Yes, The Thread Director will work on all Janome machines.  It will go on the bobbin winder for all but the 1600.  You can place it on the vertical spool pin of this machine.

Can the thread director be used on a Tin Lizzy 18, purchased in 2006? If so, are there any adjustments or parts needed?

What a coincidence, I have a Tin Lizzy 18 that I bought in June of 2006.

I am happy to report it does work.  Just mount the Thread Director on the vertical spool pin and thread as usual.  If you have any issues, it will be with the tension and or the pressure foot height.  I don’t know about your machine but mine can be touchy at times and I just have to work through it.

Every new quilt is an adventure!

If you have any further questions or if I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Does this work on Bernina machines?

Yes the Thread Director works on Bernina Sewing Machines.  All of the models listed below are on our website under the navigation tab Photos & Videos / Bernina Machines and have been tested.

If you have a machine that is not shown, please let us know the model and we will double check it for you.

Bernina 1X

Bernina 350


Bernina 550

Bernina 830

Bernina Artista 635

Bernina Artista 730

Bernina B330

Bernina B530

Bernina B560

Bernina B580

Bernina B750

Bernina B780

Bernina B880

This looks like a great product--I always have issues with metallic thread when using my Bernina 640. I've tried adjusting thread tension, etc. but have frustrating breakage! Can the Thread Director be used on a Bernina 640? Thank you!

Yes, The Thread Director can be used on all Bernina Machines. You can see how it is mounted on both the vertical spool pin and the bobbin winder by clicking here

Will it fit the larger pin on the Sweet 16 by HandiQuilter?

Yes it will fit on the Sweet 16 by HandiQuilter.

Does the Thread Director work on the Bernina Aurora 440 QE?

Yes the Thread Director works on the Bernina Aurora 440 QE.  You can mount it on the bobbin winder.

Will the thread director work on the Brother Dream Machine and/or the Ovation BabyLock serger

Yes, the Thread Director works on both machines. On the Dream Machine, you would mount it on the bobbin winder and on the Ovation, you can mount it on any of the spool pins. I have used it for the upper loopers, lower loopers and the chain/cover stitch.

You can view pictures of the Baby Lock Evolution here: /

You can view pictures of the Dream Machine here:

Will it fir on the Viking Designer SE?

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hallo, As PFAFF machines are not mentioned in the list, I suppose the thread director is not suitable. Can you please advise if eventually ok for pfaff ambition ? thanks and b.rgds Luisa

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I own Janome 7700QCP and Janome 760 Platinum. Will this work?

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Will this work on the new Viking Epic?

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Does the thread director work on a husqvarna Viking SE ? It has two horizontal spool pins and the bobbin winder is on an angle. If not, what is the solution so I can use your product ?

Yes the Thread Director works on the the Viking SE. You can use it on either the bobbin winder or the spool pins.

Will the thread director fit on the Pfaff 7570? I have several older machines that the thread director does not fit over the bobbin winder. Do you have any suggestions?

It should fit on the bobbin winder on this one. For the older machines, do they have a vertical spool pin that you can use? As for the oversized bobbins on your older machines, yours would only be the second instance that we have seen where it will not fit. So, if you send us a picture of the bobbin winders along with the model and the diameter of each bobbin winder, we can possibly enlarge the bottom hole by drilling it out and send you the modified base that will allow it to work. This would be at not charge to you.


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Will The Thread Director work on an Elna Super 62? Thank you.

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Trying it on my Pfaff Quilters Expression 4.0 and iffy is the best word I have. My Pfaff is not happy with the angel that the thread enters. It really throws off the tension and I have had some success by drastically lowering my tension. I do, however, have a fix. By adjusting the tube that holds the mechanism, you can lower the spool to come in at an almost direct horizontal. You can have the idea. I'll take the new one!

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