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Does the spool pin adapter work with spools like those produced by Yenmet and Hemingworth?

Yes the Thread Director works with both Yenmet and Hemingsworth

What threads work on the Thread Director

These are the threads that we have tested and they all work.
If you have a question about a thread not listed, let us know and we will test it.
Likewise, if you have had successful results with a thread not listed, let us know and we will post those results.

Madera Metallic and Supertwist
Sulky Metallic, Sliver and Holoshimmer
Thread Art

Would it work to wind larger cones onto something like an EZ winder spool to use on the Thread Director? I have smaller cones and spools, but also kings. I just tried the director with some really old Sulky metallic that has all the strength of tissue paper. It didn't break!

The Thread Director works on all spools up to the Mini King size.  (1,000 meters).  If you have a way to wind it off a bigger spool that’s great.  Just remember to go slow and don’t let the thread twist as it goes on the smaller spool.  I’ve wound my bobbins with metallic thread using the Side Winder and it works great.

I just saw "The Thread Director" tonight on Annie's Craft Store. It is ingenious! I wonder, though -- it looks like it will only accommodate the small spools of thread, such as small Sulky spools. Is that right? What other sizes might work on it? Thank you!

The Thread Director will accommodate spools up to a “Mini King” which holds a maximum of 1,000 yards of thread.  This is the size of a Floriani or Robison Anton spool.

When you are using a Mini King, you need to guide the thread a little differently so the Thread won’t roll off the narrow end.  There is a video showing how to use Mini-Kings under the Video section.


I want to know if this will accommodate large 1000mm spools of thread like the Isacord brand of machine embroidery thread. I bought an item with similar intent a few years back but the plastic stem that went through the thread spool was not long enough when the end cap was placed on the end....even though the maker said it would. It's now in the trash! If your device will on my Brother Innovis 4000d machine it will only be used for machine embroidery. I look forward to you reply before I buy.

Thank you for your interest in The Thread Director.

Yes, our spool pin adapter will work with the 1000 meter spools of Isacord.  Since the thread is on a cone instead of a spool, you need to make sure that the thread comes off without slipping off the end of the spool.  I am attaching a photo to show how this works.

Please note in photo “mini king 049”, I use the small spool cap so it can fit inside the bottom of the cone.  Then I place the cone on the horizontal pin and put another small spool cap on making sure the cone can spin freely.  In photo “mini king 053”, you can see how I have the thread feed over the top  bar so the thread can’t fall off the end and pool around the spool pin.

Hopefully these photos and explanation are clear enough.  If you still need assistance or you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Will the thread director hold the 1100 yard cones?

If you are talking about mini-cones or mini-kings, yes they will work.  However, you need to thread it differently.  If you look at the second video on you will see how it is done.

If this is not the spool you are asking about, please send me a picture so I can get a correct answer for you. (I will have to ask my wife J) She is the sewer in the family.

I'm using WonderFil Metallic thread on a 1000m spool with the thread Spool Pin Adapter. The thread spins off onto the adapter and jams the process. Is the spool too big for the adapter? The thread spool is difficult to put on the adapter. Any suggestions for using that thread on the adapter or do I have to go to a smaller spool? What brand is best to use with the adapter?

You have chosen beautiful thread to work with.

First of all, it is a flat polyester thread infused with aluminum.  The polyester core tends to be a bit unwieldy to deal with.

  1. When you place the spool on The Thread Director, make sure that the labels on each end are not overlapping into the hole where the spindle goes through. This can keep the spool from rotating freely.
  1. Make sure that you use a spool cap on each end of the spool. Also make sure that the spool caps are not so tight that they affect the rotation of the spool, but not so loose that the thread can wrap around the spool pin.
  1. When you are threading the machine, use both hands to keep a bit of pressure on the thread. That will prevent it from loosening up around the spool.  You will find the best way to do that!
  1. Use a 90 Topstitch needle with this thread. The eye of the needle is elongated to keep the thread flowing flat onto the fabric.
  1. Check the tension. Most of the time you will need to lower the tension a bit to allow for that flat thread to pass through the tension without too much pressure.  The top thread should show slightly on the back of your work.  Even if you are using the metallic in the bobbin, you will still have to adjust the tension to avoid breakage.
  1. While we are talking about using metallic thread in the bobbin, just make sure that it winds onto the bobbin flat and you will have no problems with it.
  1. Enjoy the process. I love this thread and you will be so happy with the results.


Please feel free to keep in touch with us and send pictures of your projects!

How do I use the Robinson Anton Metallic Thread with The Thread Director ? One end of the spool is bigger than the other, so do I put the narrow end on The Thread Director first ? What kind of thread do I use in the bobbin ? Thanks so much

Use the two small spool caps, one at the narrow end and the other partially inserted into the bottom so it centers the pin inside the spool reducing the chance that the spool will flop around. Just make sure the caps are not too snug restricting the movement of the spool.

If you look at the photos below, you can see that I put the larger end of the spool towards the elbow of The Thread Director and the tapered end facing the sewer. Then I draw the thread over the top so the thread won’t slip off the end of the spool. After that, you just thread your machine as usual.

mini king TD with small cap 049

mini king showing how to load thread 053

I like to use Bottom Line threads for both bobbin and top. Will thread winder work with this? The spool tends to spin and then it breaks.

Bottom Line can be very tricky when using it in both the top and bobbin, but this is just what The Thread Director was invented for. If your spool of thread is spinning, chances are the thread is pooling and getting wound around the spool pin, and then breaking. The Thread Director prevents the thread from pooling by having it unwind the same way that it was wound on the spool.

I embroider with Exquisite mini-Kings and they don't fit. Have you tried Exquisite? Am I missing something? Currently I use a free-standing vertical spool stand, but I don't think the spool is really meant to feed off that way. I was really hoping The Thread Director would solve that issue. Any tips would be appreciated.

The spool pin adapter pin is approx. 3-3/8” long without spool caps and is approx. 3” long with spool caps. The throat / opening for the spool is approx. 15/16”.

Here is a picture with a "Mini-King"

1100 Yard Cone Lg slider jpg





The only thing I can think of is you may have the adapter pin inserted the wrong way. The flat end goes into the base and the round end is where the spool goes on to the pin. (see picture).

Note - The customer confirmed that they had it put together backwards. Problem solved 🙂

“I bought Invisible thread and when I try to fill the bobbin, it keeps breaking. Any ideas?

From Lee Fletcher:

“The great news about invisible thread is that you can’t see it.  It is also the bad news!  It takes patience to work with Polyester core threads including the Metallic and Invisible since they tend to twist and curl easily.  A little bit of tension on the thread helps when threading the bobbin or the machine.


  1. Make sure that you are using Polyester Invisible Thread.  I highly recommend sticking with the Sulky brand.  If you are trying to work with Nylon monofilament or if the thread contains Nylon, throw it out.  Polyester on its own will stretch a bit, but with Nylon mixed in, there is more stretch than the machine can manage.  In addition, Nylon does not bend like Polyester and can damage your machine.  Put the Nylon in your fishing tackle box!
  2. Polyester threads do stretch to a certain degree.  Using them with The Thread Director helps eliminate most of the stretch whether it is Polyester Invisible or spun embroidery threads.
  3. In order to keep the thread from stretching onto the bobbin while winding, set the machine to the slowest speed possible.  This will prevent the thread from heating up and stretching even more.
  4. Only wind the bobbin half way.  If you fill it too full, the thread will pop the ends of the bobbin off.  I actually didn’t believe this and tried it with an old metal bobbin.   Fortunately for me, I was wearing safety glasses!  Don’t try this at home!


I love using Sulky’s Polyester Invisible (disclosure: Lee  is a Freelance Educator for Sulky America) thread in the bobbin when using metallic thread.  I also love stippling with Invisible Polyester thread.  It adds texture to your quilts without interrupting the design of the fabric.


Keep the questions coming!

My Bernina dealer has stated that only Isacord thread is "liked" by the Bernina 830. Often wondered if true. Is there a way to check which threads can be used and will also work with the Thread Director. Using a non-Isacord multicolor thread right now. Thank you, Gayle

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I need t o purchase spool holders ( round white slips onto pin). Not sure if my terminology is correct. I would like to have a new set of large and small. I have misplaced mine. Are t hese available. The one from my Janome 7700 do not fit the thread director pin. Helen Pittman 828-713-7121

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I have 1000 meter metallic thread on cross wound spool. How do I use this thread director to keep that from twisting?

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Does this thread directer work on the Singer 66?

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Can I buy a Thread Director and have it shipped to Australia or where in Australia could I buy one. Thank you. Paula Blofield

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I am looking for a horizontal spool pin for my Bernina 880 (series 8 machines) I'm wondering if you have them in stock? If it is compatible with my machine and a pin that is compatibel with Aurifil threads . If you have them do you deliver to Ireland? I am nearby Dublin. With thanks. Kind regards, Carol Campbell in Ireland

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Do you ship to Australia or have an Australian distributor please. Thanks, Marg..

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I just received your spool pin director.I was having difficulty using some metallic threads. But the one I received does not seem to have the same length of thread holder shaft as the ones in your videos. I couldn 't even mount my spool as per the package would not accommodate the first thread cap, spool, and end cap. I was only trying to load a small 250m sulky spool. if I left off the first thread cap I could just barely put the end cap on. my isacord 1000m leaves no room for either caps, therefore won t stay on. From where the adapter curves around I have exactly 2 1 /4 inches of space.Are there different length spool holders? Please help, I am so disappointed. I just had my local quilt shop order these in, now I am worried they aren t going to work. Help!!

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Please disregard my previous e-mail. I had this thing assembled wrong!! everything working!! am so relieved!! Thanks

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